Tree Foundation of Kern


To educate, entertain and provide information about trees through the written word

A love of language, an ability to create images that evoke a spectrum of emotion and a knack for conveying complex information so that it can be readily understood are the hallmarks of many professional writers.

Opportunities for writers exist in many fields of urban forestry from writing press releases for tree planting organizations to writing magazine articles and books about trees and tree care.

Although writing positions can sometimes be found in companies such as large nurseries that produce catalogs and other promotional materials, those who want to focus on trees may find more opportunities working as a freelance writer.

Getting started as a freelance writer can be a difficult process, but one that can be overcome with persistence and good writing.

Experience and publication can often be acquired by volunteering one's talents to companies and organizations that may welcome assistance writing brochures, educational materials and even annual reports.

Writing is a lifelong learning process and writers are continually improving and reshaping their writing styles. Often driven by an insatiable curiosity, they may delve into studies of many diverse subjects that expands their general knowledge and in turn enhances their writing.

Many colleges and universities now offer degrees in writing and communication that can provide a solid foundation to those pursuing a career in the written word. Classes, seminars and conferences also are offered at many colleges that can help writers hone their craft.

While the career of a freelance writer is envied by many, it demands a peculiar mix of self-discipline and flexibility. Those who need the security of a regular paycheck may find the uncertainties of freelance writing intolerable and those who look forward to socializing during the day may be daunted by the isolation that comes from keeping company with a computer.

For those who love writing and enjoy working alone, a career as a freelance writer can offer many rewards. Getting paid to learn about things that interest you and share what you learn with others are just some of the perks of a career as a freelance writer. Going to work in your bathrobe is another.