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Tree Rentals

To rent trees and plants for decoration.

Knowledge of the plants you rent, lease or sell, tuned business skills, superior customer service, and an artistic talent in interior landscaping are the keys to a thriving plant and tree rental business.

Weekly duties for plant and tree rentals include:
Watering and fertilizing Checking for insects and physical damage Trimming and cleaning foliage Rotating plants to expose all sides to sunlight Pruning to maintain beauty and shape Removing and replacing underperformers

The plant and tree rental industry is divided between special events like concerts, graduations, conventions, dances, and weddings, and renting to private homes and businesses. "Plants enhance the environment and add beauty to a room" says Glen Lahti, owner of Glen's Greenery in Ft. Lauderdale. " An office without plants is just a bunch of desks and chairs. Add a plant to an interior environment and it creates an environment conducive to productive work" says Lahti.

While some tree rentals get their plants from wholesalers, others buy directly from the importer, to insure the best price and selection of foliage.

A general knowledge of plant species, and how they develop best, is essential for providing expert help in selecting and maintaining plants that would best fit the needs of the customer. Continuing education and training in horticulture can provide the knowledge needed for the care and maintenance of the plants.

"We are not florists," says Bob Meyers, owner of Bob's Jungle in Bakersfield, California, "We rent, sell, and lease green foliage, and we specialize in exotic indoor plants."

When asked what Bob Meyers loved most about the business, he smiled and nodded and said, "The money!" According to Bob, it can be a very prosperous business, from about $60,000 annually and working its way up, as the size of the business expands. As with any business, it takes several years to build a client base and recoup the start up and inventory costs.

Other than good business savvy, there are no special licenses or educational requirements for owning a tree and plant rental business. Glenn Lahti delivers excellent customer service with a highly trained staff and offers same-day service to respond to problems or concerns. Glen's Greenery is located on 16 acres and has a huge selection of tropical trees and plants to choose from.

There are many levels of employment available at a plant and tree rental business the size of Glen's Greenery. "Our company is always looking for customer-oriented people with management experience in sales" says Lahti, whose website is