Tree Foundation of Kern

San Miguel Commemorative Grove Program

The Tree Foundation of Kern in partnership with the City of Bakersfield provides an opportunity for you to celebrate a significant event (such as a birth, wedding or anniversary), or memorialize a loved one with the planting of a tree in Bakersfield’s San Miguel Commemorative Grove. Planting a tree provides a touching tribute and serves as lasting reminder of a special occasion, or memory of a special person. Every tree that is planted will have a personalized bronze plaque placed near the tree. In addition, a personalized card can be sent to a person of the donors choice letting them know of their special gift. 


The tree species can be chosen by the donor from the below list. Not all species may be available, so please consider a number of choices. The tree varieties are specific to the Kern River Parkway planting list. Placement of the trees in the grove will be at the specification of the Tree Foundation of Kern and/or the City of Bakersfield. Trees will be replaced if they if they are vandalized or die within 2 years of planting. Trees will be maintained by the Tree Foundation of Kern and the City of Bakersfield. Donors are not to maintain their own trees unless participating in a structured work day or planting at the Grove.


Trees will be planted twice a year by volunteers, close Arbor Day in the spring and in the fall at the grove. The grove is located on the bike path at Denise Avenue and Manor Street. Donors will be contacted 6 weeks prior to the planting event to receive information about the planting. For fall planting, trees must be purchased by August 15; for spring planting, trees must be purchases by January 15. Plantings at other times may be arranged at additional cost and by contacting the Tree Foundation of Kern via phone at 661-325-6650 or email at


Click on a tree for a more detailed description and photographs.


ArizonaAsh_TL: Arizona Ash

BigleafMaple_TL: Bigleaf Maple

BlueOak_TL: Blue Oak

CaliforniaBay_TL: California Bay

CaliforniaBoxElder_TL: California Box Elder

CaliforniaBuckeye_TL: California Buckeye

CaliforniaSycamore_TL: California Sycamore

CatalinaCherry_TL: Catalina Cherry

CoastLiveOak_TL: Coastal Live Oak

EngelmannOak_TL: Engelmann Oak

FoothillAsh_TL: Foothill Ash

Interior Live Oak_TL: Interior Live Oak

LeatherleafAsh_TL: Leatherleaf Ash

OregonAsh_TL: Oregon Ash

ValleyOak_TL: Valley Oak

WesterRedbud_TL: Western Redbud

WhiteAlder_TL: White Alder

Willow_TL: Willow

Note:  All photographs from UFEI website.


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